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What Is ESM Scanning?

How Can ESM Scanning Help You?

What Happens During An ESM Scan?


ESM or Electro-Scanning Method is a quantitative numerical method of diagnosing imbalances in your energy field developed by British scientist Dr Harry Oldfield. For this procedure, I use a scanning meter combined with Electro-Crystal Therapy equipment to measure and record your energy field.

It is a safe and non-invasive scanning method.

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  • The readings of an ESM scan detect imbalances in your energy field. This allows an appropriate Electro-Crystal Therapy treatment to be devised to treat the imbalances.
  • Frequently, ESM scans reveal energy changes that provide an advance warning of physical symptoms. This gives you the chance to rebalance your energy field before symptoms arise avoiding the development of an illness.
  • ESM scanning is a way of monitoring changes in your energy field following treatment and provides an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment.

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  • Prior to the ESM scan, I will ask you to remove any items that may interfere with the scan such as jewellery, metal objects, crystals, watches and glasses. Otherwise, you remain fully clothed.
  • I will then ask you to stand while you are scanned. If this is not comfortable, then I will scan you while you are seated or lying down.
  • I will then ask you to hold a crystal electrode which is connected to an Electro-Crystal Therapy machine. This machine then sends harmless signals through the tube which boost your energy field so that it can be measured using the scanning meter.
  • Based on the results of the scan, I will set up an appropriate Electro-Crystal Therapy treatment for you which will help to put your energy system back into balance.

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Client being scanned using ESM Scanning
Client being scanned using ESM Scanning

Prior to seeing Jackie for Electro-Crystal Therapy, I had just been diagnosed with asthma. After four treatments with Jackie, I felt so much better, I no longer felt out of breath and I was able to come off one of my inhalers. I am really pleased with this result.

Iris McGill, Edinburgh