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What Is EmoTrance?

How Does EmoTrance Work?

How Can EmoTrance Help You?

What Happens During An EmoTrance Treatment?

Price Of An EmoTrance Treatment

What is EmoTrance?

EmoTrance is a simple but powerful technique that allows you to release stuck emotions. When you are very sad, angry, depressed, afraid, lonely etc, you feel the emotion in your body. This feeling is only energy. However, such feelings can create disturbances and blockages in your energy system and this can affect your emotional and physical health.

EmoTrance heals emotional pain by repairing your energy system so that negative emotions such as sadness, anger and fear are replaced with positive emotions like happiness and peace.

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How Does EMOTRance Work?

If past events still cause you emotional pain, this indicates that you are holding onto energy in your energy system. EmoTrance helps to soften and release these energy blockages and repair your energy system so that energy can flow smoothly through the right channels. By doing this, you will feel much better so that when you recall the original event, you will feel no distress.

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How Can Emotrance Help you?

  • EmoTrance can be used successfully to help with many problems such as release painful memories, overcome fears, phobias, traumas, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and addictions, improve relationships and much more.
  • EmoTrance can be used to restore your emotional health and improve your quality of life.
  • EmoTrance can help with traditional counselling and psychotherapy.

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What Happens During an Emotrance Treatment?

  • I will first ask you to think of a past event that still causes you emotional pain such as fear, anger, sadness.
  • I will then ask you where you feel this in your body.
  • I will then remind you that this feeling is only energy and we will encourage this energy to soften and flow through and out of your body.
  • We will continue this process in regard to other past events that still are causing you emotional pain. In this way, your energy system will be gradually healed and there is will be no need to continue focusing on these events.
  • Your consultation is entirely confidential. Also, there is no need to discuss the problem or memory with me or even to relive the trauma. EmoTrance works without this information.
  • I also carry out phone consultations if you are unable to visit me.

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PRICE OF an Emotrance Treatment

£35 for a one hour treatment and £45 for a 1.5 hour treatment. Both include an initial consultation.

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Client receiving EmoTrance
Client receiving EmoTrance

Client receiving EmoTrance

I really enjoyed the EmoTrance sessions I had with Jackie - it seemed like a gently, yet effective way to release blockages I felt which were emotional and mental - helping me to let go and life to flow!

Lorraine Murray, Edinburgh